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Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy
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Circular saw mills

The circular saw line developed by Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy forms an efficient and high quality sawn goods line for the saw mill entrepreneur. The LAIMET product range is the result of many years of development in co-operation with professional sawmillers.

Continuous development and the ingenious use of hydraulics have transformed the circular saw into an efficient, modern sawing system.

All of the units in the circular saw line are well-known, strong high quality LAIMET products: log conveyor and feed, circular saws equipped to the customer’s choice, sawn goods conveyor, surface transport and LAIMET surface chippers. As such, LAIMET saw lines form a complete, ready-to-use sawmill. They are also suitable for use as a part of a larger saw mill in which the circular saw may be used for example as a block saw.

All LAIMET models are available in both static and mobile versions and can saw hardwood and softwood longs into a wide range of sizes, from thin boards to heavy building timbers.

All LAIMET saws are outstanding in the following areas:

Speed of Sawing: very fast movement of the table and efficient log handling

High productivity: loglifters, log turners and the sawn timber deflector make one man sawing genuinely possible

High Yield: each log is sawn individually into the optimum dimensions decreasing waste

Flexibility: special sizes can be built to meet a customer's individual needs

Low Maintenance Costs: simple, robust construction with in situ blade sharpening

Safety: the hydraulic feed roller and well laid out controls give a safe and efficient working environment

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