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HP-280 LS M
HP-400 L
Technical data

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Large heavy chipper for professional use, chips for heating and pulp

The LAIMET HP-400 L chipper functions like other LAIMET HP chippers using a rotating conical screw blade, which efficiently produces splinter-free even quality cips. The rotating screw blade also functions as a feeding unit, rendering external feeding devices obsolete.

Both electric and diesel driven models of the HP-400 L chipper are available. The chipper has remarkably simple construction and very few parts that wear over time. It is reliable in operation and needs little maintenance. 

HP-400 L can produce two different sizes of chips depending on the screw blade model used. The 2/220 blade produces chips of 40-70 mm and the 1/220 blade of 100-150 mm in lenght. The rate of production is from 150-350m3/h, depending on the blade and the amount of power used, and the type and size of the chipped wood.

The HP-400 L can chip all sorts of clean wood: coniferous and deciduous, thinned out wood, tree tops, pruned and unpruned saplings, blocks, sawn surfaces and also frozen wood. The HP-400 L can chip wood up to 400 mm in diameter. Operational noise is relatively low, but it is slightly higher when the diesel model is used. Either way we recommend using ear protection.

Sharpening of the screw blade may be done without removing the blade using a separate sharpener unit, which is standard equipment. Basic reconditioning of the blade is done by rewelding the facing and then grinding it to the correct angle. Removal of the blade is done using a crane. Welding and grinding may be done by a skilled metal worker using the manufacturer's instructions. The blade may also be sent to the manufacturer for reconditioning from whom ready to use exchange blades are also available.


1. Frame

  • Measurements: 4000 mm x 2300 mm x 2200 mm
  • Weight: 8500kg for electric driven and 9000kg for diesel driven

2. Chipper

  • Low Speed model
  • Electric or diesel powered
  • Feed opening: 400 mm x 500 mm
  • Max diameter of fed log: 400 mm
  • Chip production: 150-350m3/h
  • Power requirement: 250-400kW
  • Chip lenght: 40-70 mm with 2/220 blade and 100-150 mm with 1/220 blade

Optional accessories:

1. Re-crusher

  • Housing for crusher integrated into chipper body (L-series)
  • Powered by a 45 kW electric motor
  • Further insures unified chip size

2. Sub-frame to lift the chipper 

  • Stationary frame that lifts the chipper higher
  • Height 1000 mm

In addition to the accessories above, you may choose more options for Laimet HP-400 L such as a log table, a disc dozer, different kinds of feeding and chip discharging systems. We also recommend purchasing a spare screw and a spare part kit with the chipper.

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