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Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy
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The LAIMET PS-10 is a tractor driven, handy and efficient chipper intended for use on farms, in forestry, and in parks and gardens. The operation is based on a cylindrical screw blade, which also functions as a feed unit making a separate manual feed unnecessary. The screw blade is sharpened without removing the blade, using a separate sharpening unit (standard equipment).

The LAIMET PS-10 produces splinter-free and even one-size chips (10-15 mm). The rate of production ranges from 2-6 m3/h. The PS-10 can chip all sorts of wood and branches of sizes up to 100 mm.

The LAIMET PS-10 is reliable in operation and needs little maintenance. It is a sensible choice when otherwise worthless waste is to be utilized, or if the chips are to decompose in the environment.

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