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Administration, management and organization
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Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy
Garpintie 130
23800 Laitila
Tel. +358 (0) 2 856014
Fax. +358 (0) 2 856015
+358 40 582 32 69

Company profile

Laitilan Metalli Ky was founded in 1973, named after the founder, Jarmo Laine. Since 1985, the company has been operating as a joint-stock company under the name Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy (Ltd).

The aim of Laitilan Metalli Laine Oy (Ltd) is to manufacture and market the technologically most advanced circular sawmills and conical screw spiral chippers in the world. The brand name LAIMET indicates know-how, expertise and top quality.

The range of LAIMET production is:
Saw milling machines and accessories:
-LAIMET 100, 120 ja 130 circular saw mills and accessories
-Log conveyors, log feeding accessories, the conveyors for ready sawn timber, the belt conveyors for the sawn waste slabs, saw dust cyklones,
-LAIMET 50 cross cut saw
-Sharpening and saw doctoring tools and accessories
-LAIMET 80-250X Chip & Cut (square chipping canter / resaw), log conveyors, log hoist, the conveyors for ready sawn material

Conical screw spiral hippers and chipping units
-Tractor driven models LAIMET PS-10, HP-21 and HP-25
-Electric motor driven models for the sawmillers HP-21 HS and LS, HP-25 HS and LS
-Electric motor driven heavy industrial models HP-25 HS and LS, HP-35 HS and LS
-The chipping unit according to the needs of the clients, dielsel engine driven or electric motor driven HP-25, HP-35 and HP-50

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