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The LAIMET HP-25 is a tractor or diesel powered heavy chipper for professional use.

Like all LAIMET HP chippers, the HP-25 uses a conical screw blade, which efficiently produces splinter-free and even quality chips of five different sizes, ranging from 20-25 mm up to 60-100 mm.

The rate of production ranges from 40 to 120 m3/h, depending on the blade used as well as the size and type of the wood. The HP-25 can chip all sorts of wood and branches of sizes up to 230 mm.

Two electrically driven versions of the LAIMET HP-25 are also available: the HP-25 LS (low speed) and the HP-25 HS (high speed).

The LAIMET HP-25 is a sensible choice for the chipper contractor. The high-quality chips are suitable for use in heating, in covering cultivated land and fields, in composts, as pulp chips, and as animal litter. The low service costs of the LAIMET HP-25 offer you great savings.

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