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HP-280 LS M
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HP-280 LS M

Low Speed -terminal wood chipper

Laimet's Research and Development division has designed a brand new wood chipper model for terminal use named HP-280 LS M. It works with a screw principle just as the other Laimet chipper models do. The screw blade is made of very hard metal by the name of Stellite. The srew is very long-lasting in use: when doing normal work its lifetime is about 20.000-30.000m3. After that the screw must be replaced or sent back to the factory for overhaul.

Wood chippers made in the screw fashion have many benefits at their side. The first one is not needing an external feeding device. The rotating screw pulls logs into the chipper automatically. In that way the construction of the chipper is very simple and reliable because there is only one moving screw. Secondly, screw chippers produce highest quality chips with near-equal size. These chips are very well suited for gasification purposes because the chips are of uniform size and the amount of smallest chips generated is miniscule. That is why the Laimet HP-280 LS M is designed especially for gasification or heating use, but the chips can be used for other purposes too, without screening. In addition, HP-280 LS M chipper is designed as a Low Speed model, benefit of which is significantly lowered noise and sound. This is why the chipper can be utilized near population centers without fear of any noise or dust problems. The chipper requires power between 110-200kW, and can process between 75-155m3 of wood per hour. Electric motor's power and transmission size depend on the chip production volume required. The customer can choose to install one of three different alternative screws to the chipper, according to the desired chip lenght. The options are as follows: 3/160 which produces 20-30mm chips, 2/160 for 35-50mm and 1/160 for 80-115mm chips. 

HP-280 LS M unit includes handle bars, maintenance platforms and a housing of the re-crusher as standard. The sharpening device with support trails for maintenance of the screw, a frequency-modulating unit for slow-speed rotating while sharpening the screw and the chipper's main electric box with all the needed electrical devides and a service kit are also included. In the service kit are stored: A lubrication pump for the main bearings and for the bearings of the re-crusher. A manual pump for the opening of the cover of the chipper is also included. The HP-280 LS M can be shipped in a 20 foot container, but the optional accessories may require more space for shipping.

Terminal chipper HP-280 LS M is also compatible with the standard made accessories like the re-crusher and feed- /discharge conveyors. The re-crusher is a chip-optimization device, which tears the width of the chips and further unifies the chip size. The housing of the re-crusher is integrated in the body of the chipper. Accessories such as the aforementioned are sold separately.

It is also possible to build an independent chipper station. It consists of a log table, a log dozer device, a feed conveyor, a chips discharge conveyor and the automatics for the operation of the whole station. An operator only has to take the logs and lift them on the log table and the chipper station chips the logs and moves the chips into a truck or a silo or wherever the user wants them to be stored.


1. Frame:

  • Measurements: 3200 x 2300 x 1700 mm, weight 4800kg bulk
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Bed for main motor and re-crusher

2. Chipper:

  • Low Speed model
  • Electric powered
  • Feed opening: 280 x 430 mm
  • Max diameter of fed logs: 280mm
  • Max chip production: 155m3
  • Blade options: 3/160 for 20-30mm chips, 2/160 for 35-50mm chips and 1/160 for 75-115 mm chips.

3. Transmission: 

  • Main transmission Kumera TG-2250 or equivalent
  • Max. mechanical power durability up to 470kW
  • Torque support
  • Rubber bellows clutch
  • Sharpening device
  • Power transmission implemented by V-belts
  • Overrunning clutch
  • Speed adjust for sharpening rotation by frequency modulation
  • All rotating components are covered for safety

4. Main motor:

  • Dutchi 110-200kW or equivalent, 1500rpm, 50hz
  • Fuses: 315 A - 500 A

5. Service kit:

  • Lubrication automat for bearings of the chipper and the re-crusher
  • Hydraulic opening for the lock of the chipper for easier maintenance work
  • 2-function opening pump, manual use


Optional accessories:


1. Re-crusher:

  • The housing for the re-crusher is integrated into the body of the chipper
  • Bearing equip includes: bearings, bearing houses and gaskets for the shaft
  • Rotors
  • Counter blades 
  • Gear box NordGear SK-62 or equivalent
  • There are three choices for the re-crusher, depeding on the productivity demand and thickness of the fed wood: 30kW (Light usage), 37kW (Normal usage), 45kW (heavy usage)
  • All rotating components are covered for safety

2. Spiked roller conveyor (2650 or 5200):

  • 2650 or 5200 mm lenght, 1150 mm width
  • Maximum wood material width 400 mm
  • Stones and dirty material may drop between the rolls, disrupting it's function

3. Chip discharge conveyor

  • High quality rubber tape with sidewalls
  • Transport wdth capability 580 mm
  • Total lenght of 6800 mm, of which 1800mm horizontal
  • Lifting angle 45 degrees
  • Discharge height 4000 mm and distance from chipper 4000 mm

In addition to the accessories above, you may choose more options for Laimet HP-280 LS M such as a log table, a disc dozer, different kinds of feeding and chip discharging systems. We also recommend purchasing a spare screw and a spare part kit with the chipper.

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